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Our Property Management & Leasing Services In Austin, Lakeway & Cedar Park

Option 1: Option One is tailored for our clients who do not mind managing the property on a day to day basis but would like some assistance in finding a renter AND qualifying the renter as well as negotiating the lease (which can be as complicated if not more so than negotiating a sale!).


With Option 1 we will assist you in finding a qualified renter which will include advertising the property on the MLS as well as several other websites and handle all of the calls that come in requesting information about the property from applicants and/or their R.E. agent.


In ADDITION we will gather all of the financial and/or employment information submitted by the applicants (for example the credit check; background check if applicable, etc) and help you to interpret that information.  Finally, we will help to negotiate the terms of the lease and we will prepare the lease and finally (after your final approval) obtain all the signatures.


With this option we will charge you a flat fee of 100% of the 1st months rent for the property (minimum of $2,000) and there is NO PER MONTH CHARGES. NOTE: This fee does NOT include any fee to the Tenants Realtor. This fee is normally 30 to 40% of the first months rent and is usually paid by the property owner.



Option 2: Option Two is tailored for our clients who do not have the time (or expertise) to handle the day to day issues of managing the property and would like to have somebody handle all of the issues that are involved in Property Management.


With this option in addition to finding you a qualified renter (i.e. all of the services listing in Option 1 AND Option 2) we will also assist you handling tenant complaints, coordinating repair services, collecting rents, and possibly coordinating an eviction (Note that there are extra charges for an Eviction).  Option 2 basically enables you to relax and just cash your check every month!


With this option we charge (with a minimum 1 year lease) 70% (minimum of $1,500) of the 1st month’s rent (again this does NOT include the fee to the Tenants Realtor) and then you will pay just 8% (minimum $100) of each subsequent month’s rent. The only other charge you can have with Option 2 (other than an eviction) is if a repair is required we will coordinate this for you and charge you only 10% over the actual repair cost!


There are NO STRINGS ATTACHED (i.e. NO “Hidden Charges”) with ANY of our options!

If you would like some more information about myself, our company and our Property Management services please call me anytime.

As with all of our services we will offer you great service,
a vast amount of knowledge and experience and extraordinary prices.
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